Enlarge your view on the underwater life

underwater magnifying glass

Did you ever feel the need to have a closer look at the underwater life? Or did you want to scrutinize the coral structures in close-up? Normal magnifying glasses do not work underwater. Since 2000 the solution is there: the underwater magnifying glass. A lot of divers preceded you in obtaining one. They use it with much pleasure and success.

Use everywhere

This magnifying glass magnifies underwater as well as above!

Good grip

Use this diving accessorie even while wearing gloves!

Large focus

This diving glass has a diameter of 11 centimetres (4.3 inches) with a large focus distance. Almost equal to the diameter

See for yourself

Each magnifying glass is tested for one hour under hydrostatic pressure
Tested up to 0 PSI

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Use this original magnifying glass everywhere

This original magnifying glass is used by scuba divers from the sand holes in Groningen, the Netherlands, to the seas at the Philipines. But also by marine biologists, in the off-shore industry and for varying explorations.

By using an aspherical lens with a diameter of 11 cm the image distortion is minimal. The magnifying glass is rugged and will be delivered with a snap hook made out of stainless steel.

Look at the superb image quality of the underwater magnifying glass